Key Topics

Take a look at a selection of topics to be discussed at SWEF 2018

The Number one Platform to hear about Updates & Developments on Vision 2030

  • Delivering & implementing the privatisation vision in the Kingdom
  • The role of the water and environment within Saudi Vision 2030
  • Privatisation of key Saudi companies such as National Water Company and Saline Water Conversion Company – the opportunities for investment
  • Brownfield and Greenfield projects scheduled: plans, projects and future priorities for the KSA
  • The Importance of cost recovery solutions and to be efficient in Saudi companies
  • Project Financing for the huge projects ahead
  • Water and environmental technology solutions for industries such as mining and oil & gas
  • Water treatment technology developments
  • Environmental and sustainability focus: below and above average ground focus
  • Solid waste management and sustainable water usage
  • Consumer behaviour in water usage and treatment


Join in the discussion on consumer behaviour and efficient water usage

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